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At the Lyndon Freighthouse and Tamarlane Farm, we compost all of our food and paper scraps. We bring our compost to OUR OWN compost site where it is turned and mixed with precision to create a beautiful, nutrient-rich matter to spread on gardens and fields. Our compost is used to grow our own certified organic vegetables. We now divert over 400 TONS of food scraps and compostables annually! 

We have partnered with many local businesses to help conserve our local environment by diverting compostable materials. We now have very little “trash” that leaves our building. 

Further – We use compostable containers and paper products made from recycled materials, and compostable cold cups. This further helps to decrease our waste stream. If we all take steps to help sustain our environment, imagine the difference we can make together…


How will the community and environment benefit?

By diverting food waste from landfills and into a composting program you will be:

  • Reducing pressure on landfill space
  • Reducing methane, a greenhouse gas, produced by the decomposition of food wastes in landfills
  • Reducing toxic leachate to which food waste in landfills contributes. Such leachate often contaminates soils and ground water.
  • Supporting local sustainable agriculture
  • Improving soil, plant, and animal health
  • Potentially reducing chemical fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide use
  • Preserving the rural landscape that Vermonters value and tourists seek


Our compost site was featured in Biocycle Magazine!

Check out the article! 

Vermont Districts Closing Loop On Food Waste Diversion 

BioCycle July 2013

Highfields Center for Composting, the Northeast Kingdom Solid Waste Management District, Kingdom View Compost and Wise Worm Compost are collaborating to service food waste generators. click for full article




Northeast Kingdom Waste Management District: Click here for more about composting!

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